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September and it's already the midseason break for the Gates! It will be a long couple of months, with two excellent cliffhangers and the knowledge this is the last season for SG:1.

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Today, I got many good things. My iPod! A frying pan! The warm, fluffy feeling that comes from helping out and giving blood. A new friend over to have dinner and squee with you during Stargate.

Life is good. :)

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So all in all, a very good night. :) Now if only I can have a very good weekend - do some work and yet have a good time doing it!
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I did *not* want to wake up this morning! I had a lovely dream this morning, all about Stargate. At the start, I was snuggling with Joe Flannigan (squee!) talking about Rodney, of all things. Actually, we were watching a Rodney-centric episode my brain cooked up on its own. Then I became a cast member (yay!), playing a snarky geologist. But I also helped with the crew, dragging in foam walls and avoiding this insane little Napolean. Afterwards, I was wandering around the empty set, wondering how I could help, when no one else but Richard Dean Anderson walks in. I asked him what I could do and he said I could shop vac the floor. So I happily vacuumed the floor, humming a little song, when I came to a small corner of the room. One of the actors (I can't remember who!) came up behind me and pointed out an especially beautiful bird with yellow plumage. And then I woke up!
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Holy Hannah, I actually followed the whim of a plot bunny! But with Progeny, how could you not?
This is an episode tag, basically trying to figure out what happened to Rodney when the Replicators were poking around in his head. Rated PG-13 for mild torture and temporary character death.

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Aug. 12th, 2006 06:04 am
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As usual, today's thoughts on Stargate, which finally give me a reason to use my cute Daniel icon! Thoughts below the cut. Otherwise, we went down to Santa Monica today and shopped - I went to Sephora and got some pretty new makeup, and oogled quite a few products that were pretty but expensive. And even though I may be more girly now, I'm still a geek at heart.

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Livejournal Post 8/4/06

As again, thoughts on tonight's Stargates under the cut!

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Thoughts on tonight's Stargates:

SG-1: Eeeeee! The opening scene was cute enough, with Cam waking Daniel up and Vala's moratorium. And John and Cam, with the passing of the lemon? Oh, to make a fangirl's heart patter. I loved McCay and real!Sam, and his embarassing explanation of his halucinnation(sp) to her. Overall, one of my faves.

And to expand upon the episode love, oh Daniel. Oh, how I love Season Ten Daniel. He's angry as hell and isn't up for any more fruitless chases for a weapon that could save Earth/miscellaneous planet/existence. He, of all people, understands how the Ancients work and so he's in more of a position than anyone to be frustrated. The exchange between him and Morgan (I remember you) and between him and Vala (I understand why you came back) was just heartbreaking and tantalizing.

Atlantis: Carson is getting some good airtime, finally! I missed part of the episode trying to do work on the computer, but what I saw was fun and fluffy. But what is it with all the planets that look like Ren Faires?

Da Iawn!

Jul. 22nd, 2006 10:49 am
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Thoughts on last night's SG:1/Atlantis:


Michael Shanks speaking Welsh? Oh, we need so much more of that. Diolch, whoever wrote that bit in! I thought this was a good friendship/team episode, especially between Sam and Daniel. And Vala? I still love her to bits. Her dynamic with Daniel is wonderful, and I really see it evolving into a sibling dynamic, as both actors have stated in interviews.

I'd love to see a fic explaining what sensitive files, exactly, Vala found on his computer. :)


Poor Carson! It's always hard to be the one with a conscience on these shows. Did anyone else think that the best thing to do with the converted Wraith was to ship them to New Zealand for any furture LOTR movies? And are the SG shows homes for all the poor science fiction actors whose shows got cancelled (Star Trek, Farscape, Firefly)? Not that I'm complaining...

Needless to say, I'm really looking forward to next week. Sam and McKay! Daniel and Vala wandering about Atlantis!


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