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My muse is feeling a bit stagnant as of late, so I'm doing another round of comment fic! Comment with an icon/pairing/idea as a prompt, and I'll churn out your very own comment ficlet in a day or two. Fandoms I'm familiar enough to write include: Rome, HP, CCS, Stargate, Master and Commander (movie!verse or up to 10 on the books), Horatio Hornblower (more familiarity with the movies than the books), BSG (up to Season 1), Spooks (up to Season 2), the Bartimaeus Trilogy, and many more things that aren't popping to mind now. So comment away and if I'm not familiar enough with the fandom I'll let you know!
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It's summer, and I need to break the fiction block I've been having all week. So here's a little 'Rome' ficlet - a missing scene from 'These Being The Words of Marcus Tullius Cicero."

Title: Dust of Summer
Pairing: Cicero/Antony
Words: 509
Rating: PG-13

From laden boughs, from hands... )
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Shamelessly gakked from [ profile] cerebel, who wrote yet a disturbing yet hot Cicero/Antony comment fic for me (part of the yummy Rome trifecta I've enjoyed this morning). Either a fandom or non-fandom icon is fine, so long as it's a fandom I'm familiar with.

So. I need a distraction. I have nothing much that I'm writing right now, and I'd like a challenge, so here's the thing. If you guys are interested, comment here with a pretty icon that you absolutely adore, and I'll respond with a short comment-length ficlet based on said icon.

So. Start the clock! And, comment away. :D
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Characters: Cassius and Brutus
Spoilers: Through the river scene (Son of Hades?)
Summary: For [ profile] babel, who wrote an awesome Cicero/Antony story and gave me the prompt 'guilt' in exchange, with the above characters. It's a whole lot of exposition, and it's my first time writing Cassius, so caveat lector.

It is not that Cassius cannot feel... )


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