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Icons from Caesarion and Philippi - rather Cicero heavy (imagine that!) Credit is optional, comments are love - feel free to use any blank icons as bases. click here )
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To be fair, I did do some studying tonight, but then I found a page of quotes from Cicero, after I was going through the book I got from Christmas from [ profile] mayara13 and [ profile] otterboy . Then I got just a little sidetracked. Well, maybe not a little. :) All icons totally gankable - I tried to pick quotes people might actually like - I have a feeling one or two sentiments will ring very true with everyone. Screencaps from Totally Addicted and Kanal 5

Clicky here )
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Alas, the poor sloth has been displaced by the wombat in The Fortune of War. In honor of the little hat-eating fellow and the season, a few wombat-y icons - feel free to use the second as a base for your own wombat-y goodness. The third is from one of those doll making sites - once I saw the net and the critter I couldn't *not* make Stephen! Comments welcome, as is credit!

Thankfully, the wombat only has a taste for bicorns.. )
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In which there is CrankyAss!Horatio deprived of his coffee, two lovely ladies and some cake, with spoilers for the end of "Retribution."

No, sir, we can't make a detour to Columbia )


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