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This post will not only keep me accountable ("Oh, I *was* working on that story!"), but will let any possible readers know what I have in the pipeline.

'Let Us Leave the Company of Men' - Octavia of the Julii/Tullia Ciceronis, AU. Currently in third draft.
'Phaedrus' - Brutus/Cicero. Putting my 'Plato: Love and Pleasure' course from undergrad to good use. Currently in rough outline.
'Rabbit Song/Untitled' - Brutus/Cicero AU. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sub Vino Sub Rosa' - Cicero/Antony. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sons of Arpinum' - Cicero, Agrippa. Currently in rough outline.
'Conscript Fathers' - Cicero, Vorenus. Currently in uncompleted first draft.

Richard Jury
Finishing the 'Let Nothing You Dismay' story. Finally. Currently in rough draft.
'Untitled' - Melrose and Bea's wedding. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Honeymoon and a mystery in New Mexico. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Return to London and the return of a figure from Melrose's past. Currently in outline/rough draft.

Cardcaptor Sakura
'Untitled" - Sakura and company visit England, and Nakuru has to save her fellow guardians - and the world. Currently in very rough outline.
'Untitled' - Nakuru meets a young man at University who isn't entirely what he seems. Currently in mental outline.
'Untitled' - Sakura faces a new enemy and an unimaginable loss. Currently in mental outline.
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So, at least one of these recent comment ficlets got a little too long. Here's a post to gather them all up. Right now, I'm hoping to finish the last three by Tuesday - they're coming, I promise!

(Domesticity - CCS, Touya/Nakuru, for calreflector. Mangaverse, Sakura Card arc) )


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