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Face it, Colorado hates us. Monday it was beautiful, and Tuesday morning was like a premature breath of spring, complete with chirping birds. Today, it was a high of 30, if that, and now it's snowing and is bitter cold out. Enough with this taunting!

Today I went to get a bus ticket for a trip next week (yay!), loaded up on books at the library and did some HR research for the bookstore. Halfway through my errands downtown, freezing cold and carrying way too many books from the earlier excursion, I found myself positively jonesing for a cup of tea. But the Brown Palace is ridiculously expensive and all I really wanted was a good cuppa and maybe a scone. With jam and Devonshire cream. I tried to wander about Riverfront Park, searching for a rumoured shop that served an English Tea, but I had to settle for Ink! coffeehouse instead, which does serve Republic of Tea. It was just too cold to hunt this place down.

I'm finally working on my England scrapbook, six years after the trip. It's made me terribly nostalgic, and watching Spooks doesn't help. Part of an episode was shot in Hyde park, by the Peter Pan statue, and I went terribly nostalgic. After which the episode broke my heart - it was 2.02, with Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir of DS9) putting in a powerful guest performance. I found myself nearly in tears during 2.05 (the training op), though that the end, when Tom *finally* told Vicky what she needed to hear, almost made me do a dance. I only have the last four episodes of Season 2 left - and while Season 3 has hardly any Tom at all, I just adore Ruth and Malcolm. I see a lot of myself in Ruth - the quirky little research girl. Just without the spy bit.
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I had a nasty little headache earlier this evening, including some fun photosensitivity, but it's finally gone. However, the pills I took have caffeine, and I had to take five to make the damn thing go away, so I'm not terribly tired at the moment. So I mayed the best of my alertness to watch the last two episodes of Spooks. Comments on the episodes behind the cut.

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