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Going home was very, very good - my nephew's b'day party was so much fun and a good chance to see everyone again, which ironically wouldn't happen at Thanksgiving. I'm going to be home for the first week of Winter Break, so I'll see everyone again somewhat soonish. Needless to say, it would be nice if those two months would hurry up just a little bit.

This week is only a little nuts, but with Trafalgar Day on Saturday, and the subsequent menu to plan and toast to write (at least I won't be writing it that same day!), it's still just a little bit busy. Next week isn't too bad, which will hopefully give me time to take notes on my ILL books due back rather soonish. That's the plan, anyway.

Maybe you guys can help me with a nautical food question - if I make lobscouse for the dinner (I make it rather hashy), what should I serve as a side dish? I am at something of a loss, besides a pilaf and some Boudin sourdough bread.
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Since this is the second time I've made it, I thought I'd post this utterly amazing recipe for banana bread with chocolate chips. One warning, though - it is very, very addictive, especially when made with top quality butter and Ghiradelli chocolate chips!


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