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Do you remember my little midshipman from a few posts ago, who wrote to his father about becoming a politician?

Curious about what actually happenned to him, I googled his name, and discovered he died during the War of 1812. Today I finally read the letters of his last cruise of the Argus, and read more about his death. I'll probably make a full post on what I've found, but after reading it I just feel drained, like it was someone I knew who died, and not a 27-year-old Master Commandant who died almost 200 years ago.

My poor but very brave little midshipman.
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Oh My God, I adore Midshipmen! They are so much love, even the American ones. I found this in my research for a paper on the officer corps of the U.S. Navy, and I had to share, it was so damn cute. Emphasis is the author's.

"I shall expect letter shortly from all my Friends, you will I presume send me all the Debates of Congress as I am a great Politician!!!
Convey my best love to Mammah Sarah, Thomas Mary and all Freinds(sic) you may be assured if I could, I should fly on the wings of Affection to the fond Embraces of an amiable Circle-
Receive the Effusions of a gratefull(sic) heart and the Assurance that you never shall be ashamed to Wm Henry as your Son."

from Midshipman William Henry Allen to his father, 1802


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