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Barring a meeting with my advisor before I head home, I am done. Stick a fork in me, etc., etc. Huzzah! So true to my promises of last week/night/etc., I am going out and having a drink. Or two. Perhaps more. And though I could be, oh, packing, or getting ready for said meeting, or writing fic, tonight and tomorrow I just want to putz about. I've seen the 3 interest/icon meme going around, and I commented on one, but I feel like doing a great quantity of inane things, so comment to this post with any interests/icons you'd like more info on!

*uses her happy Cicero icon, because yay done, and that last drabble was just so damn depressing and involved way the hell too much research - you cannot turn grad school mode off, unless you need it for actual grad school work*
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Just got back from the Phi Alpha Theta induction, which is the national history honorary. For any Eta Sigma Phi-ians out there, our initiation is much less involved, but we got pretty flowers in the end, and they gave us free sugar and caffeine, which is always welcome. Our damn department in undergrad made us pay for our own refreshments and bake the cake ourselves! Cheapskates. But we got to get all dressed up, though I totally cheated and wore a corset beneath my top.

Formerly, I was of the mindset that the corset represented all that was evil in regards to those of us on the distaff side. But now? Corset = instant good curves and even better cleavage. And hey, it makes you sit up really straight. Besides, I payed almost 50 dollars for the damn thing, and so I need to wear it, well more than three times to get a good return investment.

I have very little in the way of assignments due tomorrow, so I am going to work on The Paper of Doom, maybe make some margaritas, and possible write more Cicero/Antony pr0n (for which I can use a shiny new icon - yay!)
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Written for the [ profile] 5_fabulae community - Theme IV, Number 1 (Discedere). This story took far longer to write than I thought, but Brutus and Cicero have such a complicated dynamic. Historically, Brutus was never afraid to speak the truth to Cicero, even if it was less than pleasant.

Title: "Across the Wine Dark Sea"
Characters: Cicero, Brutus
Rating: PG
Words: 1030
Spoilers: Set between 1.05 and 1.06
Summary: After fleeing Italy, Cicero and Brutus confront an uncertain future - and unpleasant truths.

The ship sailed into the night, into uncertainty, her passengers nearly devoid of hope. )
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I haven't had a drop of caffeine today (okay, some green tea with breakfast), but I can't sleep. Or I don't want to sleep. Damn it, either way, this is annoying. I got most of the IDs for a test graded and did go to the gym, but the fic writing is not happening. I was working on a story for [ profile] 5_fabulae with Cicero and Brutus and now the style is annoying me. Maybe tomorrow the creativity will be a little more vibrant.


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