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Last night, my sister, cousin and I spent the night at my dad's (technically my sister's dad - we have a lot of remarriage in my family so it's a bit complicated), in the town where we lived for a few years with my maternal grandparents, Simi Valley. I usually don't care for suburbs, but with this connection, I've always held a special love for it - and while this hometown has gone to pot (as I told my cousin, at least we haven't had any shootings within a five-block radius since I got here), Simi Valley has stayed rather beautiful.

And it's added some fun places to shop.

We trekked to the new outdoor mall, via the bus, and after testing a Tempur Pedic matress and looking in Anthropology, I wished I was going into a field that had a little more money. But I did buy one very practical purchase - an international adapter for my MacBook charger thingy. It's a small purchase, but it makes me excited, just buying it.

Speaking of the British Isles, on Sunday I could say I was perhaps vaguely within the proximity of Ioan Gruffudd - we might not have seen him while we were at Universal Studios, but hey, I was standing where he might have stood a few hours later! But we had a great time - there were no lines, and we tried a new 'ride' of sorts - it's a haunted movie set walk through where people hide in the dark and jump out at you. At one point, we were screaming just because the people in front of us were screaming. But my sister did nearly beat the crap out of some mummy who leaped out at her. Those people must take a bruising.

Tomorrow we're headed to my nana's - I'm bringing my Scrabble board and my insanely difficult reading with me - it's legal theory, and some of it is rather dense and time-consuming to navigate. My update for this week is going to kind of suck - I'll only have two books and one article read, but I have some strong thoughts on an alternative research question - one with more sources than my primary question, sadly. My advisor is away until the end of the month, so I hope by then to have quite a bit more done. The process of the worth ethic continues.
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Just a quick update to say that after a mercifully uneventful trip, I'm back home for the summer. Today I've managed to unpack and play with my nephew, and that's about all I aim to accomplish! We have a decent wireless connection via a neighbor and DSL, so I should have good Internet access this summer. Hope you're all doing well, and I'll hopefully probably, make a better post tomorrow.

One random but very cute story - I was watching American Idol, reluctantly, with my mom and sister last night, and they had the Fantastic Four cast in the audience. Ioan was looking especially yummy and I let out this very fangirlish giggle and told my Mom he was my Welsh boyfriend. My Mom's answer - "Oh, he's cute!"

Wonder if I can get her to watch Hornblower with me this summer. ;)
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Yeah, I should be working on my paper, but breaks are good. Besides, this is waaaaay too much fun. Heee!

[ profile] grace_poppy found a fabulous Web site, Celebmatch. So I decided to see which of my objects of lust celebrity crushes were compatible with me.

Ioan Gruffudd: 85% physical compatability (whooo!), 94% emotional compatability (awwww), 15% intellectual compatibility (huh?) - So, we wouldn't have deep, meaningful conversations, but that's okay1 Total compatability = 65%

David Tennant - 33% physical, 94% emotional, 93% intellectual. I am so a companion! All we'd do is hold hands, but it would be totally cool and geeky. Total compatability =74%

Matthew McFayden - 85% physical, 11% emotional, 89% physical. So, it would kind of be a Darcy-ish dynamic going on, but I could handle that. Total compatability = 62%

Alan Rickman - 85% physical, 78% emotional, 65% intellectual. You think the intellectual compatability would be higher - I can totally bring on the snark! Total compatability = 76%

Ahh, now back to work - maybe.
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This meme...

1 - List your top 10 celebrity crushes
2 - Put all of them IN ORDER of your lust for them
3 - Say which movie/show it was that hooked you
4 - Supply photos for said stars
5 - Tag five people a shameless excuse to list my personal 'hits' for the estimable ladies of the Anglophilic Fangirl Global Mafia. We need icons! One day, tee-shirts! And maybe, possibly, squeeeeful encounters with our objects of lustadmiration. But until then, here is some beautiful picspam for you all.

[EDIT] Click on the pics to get a larger version and a link to the AFGM gallery, with even more pictures - swoon!

Cut for length and for the sheer hotness contained within )


Sep. 30th, 2006 04:31 pm
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Fantastic Four was the first time I ever saw the lovely Ioan Gruffudd, and having seen him in other movies with something just a little closer to his natural accent, it's just a little odd to hear him with an American accent.

But he's still so very lovely. Especially with the grey hair at the temples. And so much more in lust with Victor than Susan.

*goes back to thesis prospectus writing, with interruptions for teh pretty*


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