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...please stop breaking my heart with your brilliant acting. Seriously, I don't need any more love for the over-50 Davids, I have plenty as is.

*sniffs* 'Broken Bird,' episode 6.13 of NCIS, was absolutely brilliant, in other words - it's watchable online at, and features a wonderful turn from Torri Higginson, better known to everyone as Dr. Weir from SG:A.


Nov. 1st, 2007 11:53 pm
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Damnit, ticketing server, be robust!


And suddenly I am not tired at all. David Bamber, on stage, in Windsor! Oh, today has now officially kicked ass.
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Some random observations from the past few days:

I am so, so glad I re-watched the 1995 Pride and Prejudice *after* I finished Rome - I was giggling and cringing (mostly the latter- it's such an utterly unsympathetic character) through each and every scene with Mr. Collins. Though I noticed some new things in the background - like Mary and Mr. Collins talking during the Netherfield Ball (poor Mary, she actually laughs and looks happy), and the almost conniving look in Charlotte's eyes when she invites Mr. Collins to dinner. Sadly, the special edition has hardly anything to make it special - only a featurette with the crew and two actors, David Bamber and the actress who played Mrs. Bennett. It's rather hilarious that they're both rather soft-spoken people, playing such flamboyant roles. But Mr. Darcy still makes me melt - especially puppy!Darcy at Pemberley with the smoldering gaze.

Now that I've sent my thesis update off, I'm waiting rather anxiously for the feedback. I had so much nervous energy I cleaned my sister's kitchen, top to bottom, when I babysat for my nephew on Monday.

My nephew, evidently, is now the biter in pre-school. He was pefectly fine for me, but then again, I can bite back. We read, a lot, shared some grapes, had an adventure playing sports games on the X-Box (we liked Madden 06 the best), and tried to learn the difference between the word tickle and tackle.

My mom's been in something of a mood for the past few days, and while I don't quite regret coming home for the summer, it's always far more trying than I remember. I feel like my mom's dumping post for all her grips about my nana, my sisters - I wonder who she goes to when she has to talk about me. My sister and I have the not-too-baseless fear that the strained dynamic between my mom and her mom will end up being repeated.

Anyway, happy belated Canada Day, and Happy Independence Day (in an hour) to all the fellow Americans on the list - and it's Horatio Hornblower's birthday, too! That so beats sharing my b'day with Ann Landers and Dear Abby.
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My converted copy of My Night with Reg came in, and it was certainly worth the price and the slight circumvention of British copyright law. I watched it this afternoon, in lieu of thesis reading, and it was also worth ending the day ten pages behind my alloted reading.

This movie, a close adaptation of the 1995 play, was quietly heartbreaking. It centers on a small group of gay men in London during the 1990s, who meet at the house of the friendly and yet so painfully isolated Guy, and who are all connected by the enigmatic Reg of the title, whom we never actually see.

David Bamber's acting is transcendent and yet so subtle - as in my incoherent flailings after 'Philippi,' for someone who can play over the top characters with such enthusiasm, his true strength, I feel, is in portraying the minutae that truly define such roles as Guy and to some extend, second season Cicero (first season wasn't so big with the subtleties - or much in the way of character development). There are some absolutely incredible scenes - the quiet sorrow of receiving not one but two books on cooking alone, a sweetly hilarious bit with 'training' a man over the telephone, and the scene where Guy reveals the object of his unrequited love that left me reeling for some time after the movie was over. And [ profile] babel, there was a scene straight out of 'Words and Deeds,' I kid you not.

If anyone would like to borrow the movie, just let me know - it's certainly worth sharing with others beyond an LJ post.
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*clears her throat* I have something of an embarrassing confession to make - something I discovered after watching At World's End. You can probably guess by the icon.

cut for length, sheer geekitude, and AWE spoilers )


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