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Last night, walking home to get the mail, I nearly did a little dance. I had walked on the decks of the Surprise that morning! Sat where Stephen sulked, caught a glance of Killick's precious kitchen implements, leaned over the side in vain to find the seat of ease. The crew must have wondered at my geeky grin, especially seated at the stern, but I imagine they're used to it. My family didn't come with me - at one point, it was a possible punishment for my brother to come with me - but I saw many other families, including a father, teaching his wide-eyed daughter about the Battle of Trafalgar (they have a diorama of the battle on the gun deck). I was so touched by this scene, and being my natural effluvious self when it comes to all things naval, I had to chime in - I hope they weren't too startled. And while the lower decks does host the 'Pirates of the Pacific' exhibit, and hence the somewhat gawdy captain's cabin, they made it clear this exhibit was a separate entity. Though after my museum studies class, I was somewhat disappointed with their exhibit design - it was black text, Times New Roman at that, against white board. Ahh well.

These photos are just of the Surprise - later this afternoon I'll post pictures of the Star of India - and I was more pleased with those photos. But it was an absolutely incredible experience, to finally see the Surprise - I only hope it isn't years before I return.

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If you noticed with my last two meme posts, there's a few new characters up there, most of whom have something to do with the ships of the Royal Navy during the Napoleanic Wars. Two series in particular - Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander series and the Horatio Hornblower series, both the books and the A&E movies. I recommend both to you, and with the approach of the Trafalgar Bicentennial, I'm gobbling up all kinds of books about the Age of Sail (including non-fiction), there will be further recommendations. And hopefully lots of icons. And obligatory references to Age of Sail characters in random works. But for now, some words on these series mentioned above - with some special notes about the Hornblower series.

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