Feb. 18th, 2006 06:18 pm
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After five and a half years of living here, I have discovered a true gem in Denver. Cano's Collection and Welsh Dragon Tea Shoppe is now going to be the highlight of every trip to Creek. It's a tiny, cozy little shop tucked in an indoor 'market' - for the longest time, I was rather scared away by the Thomas Kinkade gallery that dominates the market. But Cano's is worth it. I had a Cornish pasty smothered with gravy, salad and quite possibly the best applesauce I've ever had, and of course, tea. They serve you an entire Brown Betty full of some extremely good tea, and it comes with lunch. And lunch is only $6.95. Oh, and if you want a scone with jam and cream? Only a dollar extra. *swooooons* Yes, the Brown Palace is still the place to go to be truly impressed, but for my weekly cuppa, I think I've found my new place. Also, they have a little shop with beautiful china, love spoons, Welsh jewelry (which includes pins of leeks, oddly enough), cookbooks, knicknacks and tasty British treats. I picked up some chocolate and tea biscuits and a Welsh teatime cookbook - and even managed a few words of Welsh to the owner, who has that lovely, musical accent. So even though it was about 20 degrees out, if that, it was a very good outing!
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There are enough teaphiles on my f-list that I decided to post this delicious quote from Round Ireland with a Fridge, which is my funny reading for right now.

For me, once I've made a cup of tea I belong somehow. It's like I'm marking out my territory, and anyone attempting to come and make a cup of tea on my patch will be dealt with most severely, more likely than not with a counter attack into their territory and the seizure of their milk cartons and shortbread biscuits.


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