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[ profile] sweet_disdain, in her absolute coolness and magnanimity, created this shiny new 'Team Cicero' icon, amid a whole slew of new 'Team Rome Character' icons, here at her media journal. There's Team Posca and Team Announcer Guy! Go forth, Rome fans!

Though comparing Season 1 and Season 2, especially toward 'Philippi,' David Bamber looks so much thinner and older. A few posters on IMBD wondered, as I did, if he was ill - though he seems to have been in fine form for his recent stage production in March. Part of me wonders (and hopes) it was some extraordinary method acting.
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It's like Yuletide, all over again! Only with more olive oil.

I recieved an absolutely wonderful Brutus/Cicero story, Words and Deeds, by [ profile] babel. It's thoughtful, sorrow-tinged fluff, which sounds impossible, but it just works so well, especially with these two. Go read it, Rome fans! Go check out [ profile] rome_fic to read the challenge entries that have been posted.

Meh, I haven't had my coffee this morning and I can feel it. Such a little addict. But I'm taking my sister out for lunch - it's my last full day home and I want to do something for her - and I think we both get cabin fever, cooped up here. Tonight, it's off to my Nana's for tamales (yummmmmmm!) and then it's back to school. I needed this break so badly but it just went by so fast!

Yesterday we went to the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and it was worth the wait. The building itself is so achingly beautiful, it's a work of art in itself. It's built of Italian traverntine, and I brushed my hands over the walls, thinking at least this was a bit of Italy I could feel right now. The exhibits were amazing, of course, from the Roman frescoes and statuary to the 19th century paintings to the sumptuous French furniture that made me feel like Marie Antoinette. The gardens were also pure art, and were a treat for the eyes, nose, and ears (the stream that runs into the main pool changes tone the closer it gets to the pool). I should have pictures soon, but I simply want to go back now - and go to the Getty Villa in Malibu, of course.


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