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This post will not only keep me accountable ("Oh, I *was* working on that story!"), but will let any possible readers know what I have in the pipeline.

'Let Us Leave the Company of Men' - Octavia of the Julii/Tullia Ciceronis, AU. Currently in third draft.
'Phaedrus' - Brutus/Cicero. Putting my 'Plato: Love and Pleasure' course from undergrad to good use. Currently in rough outline.
'Rabbit Song/Untitled' - Brutus/Cicero AU. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sub Vino Sub Rosa' - Cicero/Antony. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sons of Arpinum' - Cicero, Agrippa. Currently in rough outline.
'Conscript Fathers' - Cicero, Vorenus. Currently in uncompleted first draft.

Richard Jury
Finishing the 'Let Nothing You Dismay' story. Finally. Currently in rough draft.
'Untitled' - Melrose and Bea's wedding. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Honeymoon and a mystery in New Mexico. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Return to London and the return of a figure from Melrose's past. Currently in outline/rough draft.

Cardcaptor Sakura
'Untitled" - Sakura and company visit England, and Nakuru has to save her fellow guardians - and the world. Currently in very rough outline.
'Untitled' - Nakuru meets a young man at University who isn't entirely what he seems. Currently in mental outline.
'Untitled' - Sakura faces a new enemy and an unimaginable loss. Currently in mental outline.
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Title: "A Man's Character"
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Brutus/Cicero, if you squint through the spyglass
Words: 3491
Spoilers: Through 1.8 "Caesarion"
Summary: When Antony and his daemon do the unthinkable, Cicero's life depends upon Brutus' faltering courage. (AU, fusion between 'Rome' and 'His Dark Materials). For an introduction to daemons, click here.

Many thanks to my beta, [ profile] cerebel!

One would never discover the limits of a soul, even traversing every road - so deep a measure does it possess. - Heraclitus, Fragment 45 )
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So, at least one of these recent comment ficlets got a little too long. Here's a post to gather them all up. Right now, I'm hoping to finish the last three by Tuesday - they're coming, I promise!

(Domesticity - CCS, Touya/Nakuru, for calreflector. Mangaverse, Sakura Card arc) )
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Finally! Evidently, my Muse was lured back by the chocolate yesterday at a women's conference, and I finally finished tweaking the 'Posca and Jocasta in Alexandria' fic. The title is taken from the excellent poem Habitation by Margaret Atwood.

Title: Learning to Make Fire
Pairing: Posca/Jocasta
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Through 2.9
Summary: When they have no one but each other, Posca and Jocasta find something deeper in their marriage of inconvenience.

marriage is not/a house or even a tent )
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Written for [ profile] svmadelyn's Kink/Cliche Challenge. Follows canon, but with a few bits of history thrown in to spice things up. Especially the bit about Memurra. Prompt was 'body painting.'

Title: A Further Account of the Gallic Wars
Rating: R
Characters: Caesar/Antony
Spoilers: Up to 1.1
Summary: At the end of his Gallic campaign, Caesar turns towards an unusual source of inspiration.

as a rule, men worry more about what they can't see than what they can )
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Written for the [ profile] 5_fabulae community - Theme IV, Number 1 (Discedere). This story took far longer to write than I thought, but Brutus and Cicero have such a complicated dynamic. Historically, Brutus was never afraid to speak the truth to Cicero, even if it was less than pleasant.

Title: "Across the Wine Dark Sea"
Characters: Cicero, Brutus
Rating: PG
Words: 1030
Spoilers: Set between 1.05 and 1.06
Summary: After fleeing Italy, Cicero and Brutus confront an uncertain future - and unpleasant truths.

The ship sailed into the night, into uncertainty, her passengers nearly devoid of hope. )
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Written for the [ profile] rome_fic Ides of March challenge. Writen for [ profile] cerebel, who asked for "Antony/Cicero. Explaining "A woman's role always suited you best", from Cicero's speech delivered in absentia."

Pairing: Cicero/Antony
Rating: Very hard R.
Notes: Spoilers up through 'These Being the Words...'
Word Count: 4,631
Last night's phrases
sick wih lack of basis
are still writhing on my floor.

And it doesn't seem fair
That your wicked words should work
In holding me down
No, it doesn't seem right
To take information
Given at close range
For the gag
And the bind
And the ammunition round.

-'Not About Love', Fiona Apple

He knew he was wrong but he knew it too late )


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