Jan. 29th, 2007 09:29 pm
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This week does what a Hoover does - and no, it doesn't run the FBI and dress in a French maid's costume.  I have a presentation on Thursday and I've only started the reading oh, today, I still have twenty-some papers to grade, reading to do, and a fundraiser dinner to plan.  So I probably won't be posting much this week - I cannot wait until Thursday night!
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It's already almost Sunday? Jeeeebus. I did manage to get some work done on the papers so far - hopefully tomorrow I can get a bit more done. After working on it for a few hours your brain just doesn't want to work on it anymore! Or else it starts making unhelpful and very unscholarly comments like "Truxtun, you whiny little bitch!" even if one Thomas Truxtun was indeed a whiny little bitch.

But tomorrow is a new day and hopefully I can get some research done and get a few more pages written on each paper. That seems an easy enough goal to meet.

Thanksgiving went well, except for the fact it was, er, an accidentally vegitarian Thanksgiving. Heh, I'm sure the turkeys were happy, even if they're tasty little buggers.

So, should probably go to bed, since I have to be up early for church and all. I have Titanic on in the background, and my God, I can't believe I saw this three times in the theatres. It could have been done sooooooooo, soooooooooo much better, but it did have two good things going for it - Victor Garber and the first big screen role for Ioan Gruffudd.

G'night, flist, or good morning, for some of you, and I hope you're all rested, refreshed, and ready to start another week.


Oct. 6th, 2006 07:43 am
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Finished my review of the bio of Lord Keith with over an hour to spare - yay! I may have to make this a regular habit. :)

The book had some definite gems, one of them being his constant verbal battles with Nelson. Keith had, ahem, the misfortune of heading the Mediterranean Fleet while Nelson was in Naples. Naturally, when Keith ordered him to Minorca to keep it from being overrun by the Spanish, Nelson sent a bare minimum of his ships and his apologies. Of course, there was a Jacobin rebellion going on, but considering what a tragedy that turned out to be (definetly one of the darker moments of Nelson's career), he probably should have listened to orders. A short time later, Nelson asked to return to Palermo, saying he was ill, and Keith shot back for him to stay away from Palermo and Lady Hamilton.

Later in the book, Nelson had this equally kind thing to say about Lord Keith. "Lord Keith Loves a little money, and a great deal much better."

He was probably just jealous because Keith made a "great deal" more prize money.

So, the first week of Assignment Hell is over, and all is good. That is, until we get the grades!

All right

Oct. 4th, 2006 07:40 pm
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Caffiene? Check.

Chocolate? Check.

Break for South Park at 9? Check.

Ready to kick some ass on my Armada paper, lest it kick my ass in return? Check. Maybe.

If only being an AoS fangirl meant you could write some Drake/Medina Sidonia OTP!! and be done with it.

T Minus...

Aug. 17th, 2006 03:11 pm
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Tomorrow we're off for the wedding, and so the next time I'll be posting, it'll be from a nameless computer lab on campus. Today I called to check on my student loan approval, the last unknown which had me a little uneasy, but everything went through just fine. I let out a joyous little shriek at that - now all I have to do is get to my apartment and find a way to campus Monday and Tuesday before the busses start up. It feels almost surreal - with the focus on the wedding I haven't had much chance to talk about it with anyone - but in a matter of days I'll be back in school, and everything is set. Only little things to worry about, and yet my brain is still on high alert. But it's like being a kid going to Disneyland. Only with classes and papers instead of rides. :)
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In the excitement over, well, getting into one of my grad schools, I forgot to mention another really cool thing that happenned on Monday. I won tickets to see KT Tunstall!

KBCO, one of the few decent stations up here, was having a contest for their members to win tickets to the show and a private set before hand. Only 50 people would be picked, and each would be able to bring a guest. I entered, thinking it would be nice if I won but highly unlikely all the same. Well, Monday afternoon, before I got the good news in the snail mail, I got the e-mail announcing out of 1500 entries, my name had been among the 50.


I e-mailed [profile] otahyoni and asked if she wanted to come - she's a new convert to KT and we had been thinking of getting together next weekend. Amazingly, she could and so yesterday night we were at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, rocking out to KT. In person. And we got to meet her after the private set and get a poster signed. I didn't bring the liner to my album (which is the import, as this was pre-her-coming-over-here), but she's simply amazing in person. Energetic with a wicked sense of humor, an adorable Scottish accent and musical talent in spades and hecatombs. She did *every* song off "Eye to the Telescope" and two from her singles, though "Girl and the Ghost" wasn't among them. "Another Place to Fall" was really, really good live, and for "Heal Over" she sang over a cello solo - I think I was "guhhhh, KT and cello, guhhhhh" at that point. The opening band was good but mellow to the point of coma-inducing, and the benches against the wall make you have ridiculously straight posture, but those were the only two not-amazingly-wonderful about the evening.

So Monday? Awesome day. Tuesday? Natch.

I'm waiting to hear from the chair of the Martime Studies department at ECU, as well as San Diego, to find out when I might get my proposed aid package. So even with Monday's jubilation, I'm still a bit antsy. I was all ready to be patient for another week or two, and then one school jumped the gun!

Bookwise, I've started the second in the Bartimaeus trilogy. If you love a good fantasy novel, read these books. They're technically for young adults but they are amazingly good, and need more attention! I just finished The Brave Sailors by V.A. Stuart, which was rather good - and written by a woman who served in the British armed forces. Much better than the Ramage novel I tried to read and just couldn't finish.


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