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Walking to dinner tonight, I noticed again that the crescent moon looks like a ship, sailing on a wine-dark sea. In researching Viking and pre-Viking ship burials, I wonder if they noticed this comparison, and ever viewed the moon as a heavenly vessel that could carry souls to the afterlife.

Thankfully my research materials is fascinating because, once again, I'm doing my presentation research *two days before.* Thankfully, I seem to have refined this to an art, so I'm not too worried - I have plenty of examples to fill a 20-25 minute talk. My big paper for the end of the semester is on the Hjortspring boat and water internment and everything it signifies, or what they think it signifies. But it had to come this week, when I'm obsessing over 'Rome' and Cicero and everything I went to college for the last time around. Gah! I've been compulsively checking e-mail tonight as a means of procrastination tonight, I must stop. Really.

But the one upshot of Sunday's depressing episode was making some new friends in the 'Rome' fandom! [ profile] babel, [ profile] cerebel and [ profile] quigonejinn are fellow Stoicphiles and a mixture of amazing writers, Hornblower fans and admirers of the lovely Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir from DS9).

Speaking of Hornblower, the news that Ioan very much wants to finance a BIG SCREEN Hornblower movie (a remake of the Gregory Peck 1951 film) makes me squeee like a middie. Damn it, I love this man, and if it wasn't for Al Gore, I'd totally have his babies. Hopefully, if 'Amazing Grace' does well, a studio will pick up a shiny new Hornblower!


Oct. 20th, 2006 10:47 pm
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Am irrationally cranky today, for only two discernable reasons:

1) I slightly botched the formatting on my book review citation.

2) A whopping number of two people will be coming tomorrow night for dinner.

While a smaller number for dinner is good, so I won't be spending money I really shouldn't be spending on this (kitchen gear, table settings, cutlery, glasses, something to hold the trifle, the food itself and a bottle of rum and brandy), I had hoped for at least a few RSVPs. I sent an e-mail to other first years and basically bribed them with free lobscouse and booze. To what levels I have sunk. I haven't even written the toast yet, and worse, I don't really feel like it.

As for number two, I really need to finish my damn papers sooner and proof them better. I want to be this prof's GA but with sloppiness like this, I'm worried he won't even want me. Ugh. That's the crux of my crankiness, I think.

I am going to watch some David Tennant, have a cuppa tea, and try to think happy thoughts. Hopefully tomorrow I will be in a better mood!
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After a very frantic night and early morning of packing on the 3rd/4th (yay for two hours of sleep) I'm home at last! The train trip was just *amazing*, and if I scan the pictures I'll do my best to post them. My dad and I are chatting about doing a very long train trip from California to Seattle, then to Chicago, and back, through Denver, to California. After this trip, if I have the chance to take a train anywhere, I certainly will. It's the way to go!

So today is unpacking and vegetating - yay. :) Tomorrow I may head to the mall to get my sister a graduation gift - I'm thinking a big gift card or cash would be good. Something practical, you know.
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In the excitement over, well, getting into one of my grad schools, I forgot to mention another really cool thing that happenned on Monday. I won tickets to see KT Tunstall!

KBCO, one of the few decent stations up here, was having a contest for their members to win tickets to the show and a private set before hand. Only 50 people would be picked, and each would be able to bring a guest. I entered, thinking it would be nice if I won but highly unlikely all the same. Well, Monday afternoon, before I got the good news in the snail mail, I got the e-mail announcing out of 1500 entries, my name had been among the 50.


I e-mailed [profile] otahyoni and asked if she wanted to come - she's a new convert to KT and we had been thinking of getting together next weekend. Amazingly, she could and so yesterday night we were at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, rocking out to KT. In person. And we got to meet her after the private set and get a poster signed. I didn't bring the liner to my album (which is the import, as this was pre-her-coming-over-here), but she's simply amazing in person. Energetic with a wicked sense of humor, an adorable Scottish accent and musical talent in spades and hecatombs. She did *every* song off "Eye to the Telescope" and two from her singles, though "Girl and the Ghost" wasn't among them. "Another Place to Fall" was really, really good live, and for "Heal Over" she sang over a cello solo - I think I was "guhhhh, KT and cello, guhhhhh" at that point. The opening band was good but mellow to the point of coma-inducing, and the benches against the wall make you have ridiculously straight posture, but those were the only two not-amazingly-wonderful about the evening.

So Monday? Awesome day. Tuesday? Natch.

I'm waiting to hear from the chair of the Martime Studies department at ECU, as well as San Diego, to find out when I might get my proposed aid package. So even with Monday's jubilation, I'm still a bit antsy. I was all ready to be patient for another week or two, and then one school jumped the gun!

Bookwise, I've started the second in the Bartimaeus trilogy. If you love a good fantasy novel, read these books. They're technically for young adults but they are amazingly good, and need more attention! I just finished The Brave Sailors by V.A. Stuart, which was rather good - and written by a woman who served in the British armed forces. Much better than the Ramage novel I tried to read and just couldn't finish.
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With nearly back-to-back vacations, it feels as if I haven't been home for weeks, which is somewhat true. I went to Taos to visit a good friend and then to Greencastle to visit my godmother, and while both were absolutely wonderful trips, I am utterly exhausted. I've been up since basically 1:30 this morning (3:30 Eastern), with ittermittent naps, and so after I update I am changing into jammies and heading to bed. But some random facts from my Greencastle trip:

I like Pennsylvanian pork products. Why can we not get pork roll and scrapple in Colorado? However, I have found companies that ship them to those of us not in Pennsylvania (my godmother is from Philly and her sister, who is still out there, brings pork product care packages on her visits.

I can knit! My godmother, Terry, gave me a quick but thorough lesson Monday morning and I can now manage a Garter stitch. I bought some pretty but inexpensive pink yarn and will attempt a scarf - with a blue and bronze Ravenclaw scarf to follow once I do the 'test scarf.'

Deep Sea 3-D for the IMAX rocks. When that first wave washes over you, you find yourself holding your breath.

Reading The Old Wine Shades really sparked my Martha Grimes fan fiction writing - I have quite a few pages in my notebook, though a few are for a story set a bit past the one I'm working on now. But I found putting Carole-Anne, Diane and Vivian all in one room led to interesting things. And even Fiona got to have a little fun.

So g'night, all, and I'll post again when I'm much more coherent - and conscious.


Feb. 20th, 2006 11:31 pm
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With my piddly income from last year, I more than qualify for Turbo Tax's free filing program. But evidently I hit the wrong button and now it's trying to get me to pay for the full blown deluxe version. Grrrr. So tomorrow, when I'm coherent, I will go to a different site with free filing for those of us in the lower tax brackets.

I currently have two job prospects out now, after posting my resume on Craigslist. Honestly, that site works better than Monster. The University of Denver job didn't quite work out, unfortunately, but both of these sounds like enjoyable work and they pay well. And hopefully, I won't have to work at these jobs for long, with the prospect of school. All I need is two more letters of rec and I can send my applications off - and then you all get to go through my grad school anxiety, part II. I think I'm in a better place, mentally, than last year, though not having a job has me a little antsy right now. Just too much uncertainty at once! Thankfully I'm nowhere near the point where the stress is so bad I can't read - that happenned a few years ago and it was just horrible. I could barely read a magazine. But still, it would be nice for April to be here, and with it a job and an acceptance letter.

But speaking of books, I've been busy! I just finished Peter Raven Under Fire an Age of Sail book for 5th-6th grade readers, that had a lot of potential but the characters ended up being a little flat - and the female lead was a compete Mary Sue, sadly. Also in the Age of Sail vein, but much funnier, are the Pirates! books. Do not read them in public unless you want people looking at you as you laugh. I should really quote some of the best lines here. Also, I'm almost done with the first in the Bartimaeus(sp) trilogy, and I'm rather enjoying the read. Next up I have a particularly biting satire of The DaVinci Code - The DaVinci Cod. Unfortunately, it helps if you've read the original to 'get' the parody - he skewers Brown's writing and his more ludicrous bits (his protagonist is a professor of anagrammology - a field as made up as religious symbology) - I can't wait for him to rip into Brown's depiction of college classes. And the romance. And the really silly puzzles any third-grade girl could solve. *coughs* Er, if you like the original, I wouldn't read my journal in May, as I will probably go into a full blown rant against the book and the subsequent PR blitz for the movie.
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Face it, Colorado hates us. Monday it was beautiful, and Tuesday morning was like a premature breath of spring, complete with chirping birds. Today, it was a high of 30, if that, and now it's snowing and is bitter cold out. Enough with this taunting!

Today I went to get a bus ticket for a trip next week (yay!), loaded up on books at the library and did some HR research for the bookstore. Halfway through my errands downtown, freezing cold and carrying way too many books from the earlier excursion, I found myself positively jonesing for a cup of tea. But the Brown Palace is ridiculously expensive and all I really wanted was a good cuppa and maybe a scone. With jam and Devonshire cream. I tried to wander about Riverfront Park, searching for a rumoured shop that served an English Tea, but I had to settle for Ink! coffeehouse instead, which does serve Republic of Tea. It was just too cold to hunt this place down.

I'm finally working on my England scrapbook, six years after the trip. It's made me terribly nostalgic, and watching Spooks doesn't help. Part of an episode was shot in Hyde park, by the Peter Pan statue, and I went terribly nostalgic. After which the episode broke my heart - it was 2.02, with Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir of DS9) putting in a powerful guest performance. I found myself nearly in tears during 2.05 (the training op), though that the end, when Tom *finally* told Vicky what she needed to hear, almost made me do a dance. I only have the last four episodes of Season 2 left - and while Season 3 has hardly any Tom at all, I just adore Ruth and Malcolm. I see a lot of myself in Ruth - the quirky little research girl. Just without the spy bit.
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If you didn't guess by my subject line, tonight I saw 'The World's Fastest Indian' and the first episode of Spooks/MI-5. This was after another pillaging of the library and a very pleasant pint and a half at Pints here and Denver, where I chatted with a delightful older man who was stationed in England for four years during the 60s. I really should make Pints at least a biweekly excursion - they make such lovely beer and the company there is always fascinating - and usually up to chat with a stranger!

After Pints I met my friend P from my old job and his girlfriend for the movie. I think of all the people from work I'll miss P the most - he was the wonderful person who bestowed Hornblower on me for Christmas. He said C, my counterpart, sent his best, and that they didn't know how they would get on without me. Like I said, there's days it's hard not to go in and just volunteer. Pesky altruism.

The movie was absolutely delightful - it was very heartwarming but I didn't think it was overly schmaltzy. And I am very sensitive to schmaltz, so this is high praise coming from me. It was hilarious but touching, and even if motorcycles aren't your thing, see the movie. Seriously. I think everyone was smiling coming out of the theater, and there were quite a few scenes that garnered spontaneous applause.

One of my treasures from the library was the elusive 1st season of MI-5, starring the handsome Matthew MacFayden. Who is shirtless and cheeky and seriously wibble-worthy quite a bit in the first episode. If you liked him, all right, lusted after him in the new Pride and Prejudice, try and find this at your library - I'm only one episode in but the show is smart and extremly well-done.
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Perhaps it's a belated NYR, but I should put more actual updates in this journal. Even the job searches, grad school woes and the grudging path back to a size eight for my sister's wedding this summer.

Last night I had the house to myself, so I trekked to Whole Foods and got some ponzu chicken and this absolutely delectable cold noodle salad with cucumbers. Mmmm. I had rented 'House of the Flying Daggers' from the library and so I popped it in, and had a rather enjoyable little night in. The movie was absolutely beautiful, but people, sometimes a little OT3 never hurt anyone. Just saying. The costumes were gorgeous, though the Flying Daggers' outfits struck me as almost being right out of Lorien.

Yesterday morning I went to my creative spot, Panera, and wrote a little more of the story which I was typing up last night. I don't know what it is about a bagel that gets my little neurons going, but more power to them. And then I went to the gym to burn off said bagel. I managed to get in 5 gym trips this week, so I feel productive there, and I know where my research is going for the bookstore for the most part. I'm going to call Iliff to see about an interview and finish off my other apps (thank God for late deadlines - this month has been so busy and chaotic I'm glad these aren't due until March). If anything, the cabin fever is the worst - I just hate beeing cooped up in the house. Hell, there have been mornings I would go to work and just volunteer. Thankfully, the weather warms up this week so I may just do some long walks to allieviate the feeling. And get in some exercise to get back to that eight.
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I haven't made an actual post in a while, and these last two weeks have been the reason why. January 9, I was told I had been downsized and Friday the 20th would be my last day, with two weeks severance. This wasn't a position I wanted to stay in my whole life, I run a mailroom and mobility center, but needless to say, I truly enjoy the people there and I wanted to leave on my own terms and with my own timing. Only a few days before I got the news, I had found an incredible new roommate - we ended up talking for three hours that first night we met. Needless to say, along with my job, that evaporated as well.

I've had two interviews thus far, which considering the timing is very good, and I've been handling it well for the most part, but tonight when I got home, knowing I hadn't gotten any other responses to my inquiries, I felt crushed and a little hopeless, and nearly started crying. I talked to my mom, which was a huge comfort, and on my friend jen's advice, made myself the foofiest, rosiest bath ever - a rose bath bead, salts and milk bath. The water was positively pink. I feel better, though I'm not sure how these last two days will be. Thankfully, two of my schools have late deadlines, and so I won't miss those - I just don't have the time or energy to finish the UCSD application right now. I think in a way this could be a very good thing - I should have 'moved on' a long time ago. I shouldn't feel bound to a job just because I enjoy the camraderie, I shouldn't daydream about a better life and not do anything to make it happen.

So if I'm a, that's why. It's been hard to read, almost impossible to write, though today before I got home, I was in very good spirits. Tonight, after doing a few more applications and sending out some overdue e-mails, I may watch Amelie, it's one of my comfort movies. Just wanted to let everyone here know, and I hope you're all doing well.


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