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I am such a dork. I'm watching Scoop (where is Hugh already!) and there's a scene with dead people on a boat and my first reaction was "yay, maritime symbolism of life-to-death transitions!"

Today I took the first step toward finding a small part-time job here. Barnes and Noble is taking applications, as is a small little gift shop. While part of me doesn't relish working retail for two months, it is only two months, it will keep me occupied, and it will be money for London. All valuable causes and worthy motivations.

The Palmdale bus system, however, leaves much to be desired. The time schedules aren't so much schedules as vague guidelines as to when the bus will show up. But that's what the iPod is for - and a paper journal. [ profile] shadow_and_veil, thank you for that tip!

Perhaps it's just summer, but lately I've had cravings for lemonade. Sweet and tart, ice cold, redolent of fresh lemons, not powder. What you would drink on long sea voyages, even without rum, to keep away scurvy. It seems the thing, thinking of the journey ahead, even if the maps are much clearer, and thanks to immigration regulations, no chance of being stranded. But less than four months away from departure, it feels like I should be preparing the cargo, stowing the vittles. And thus the longing for lemonade.

Speaking of voyages, [ profile] esteven, I got your lovely postcard. Thank you so much!


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