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So, it's assignment day, and here, oh gracious Yuletide author, is my letter to you!

Request the First - Wall-E

I love this movie to bits, and have seen it with just about every member of my family, and thus far, it hasn't gotten old. Wall-E and EVE just captured my heart, and I'm intriuged at EVE's unspoken backstory. From the moment the rocket leaves and she knows she's "free," if only for the time of the mission, we know she's more than the sum of her programming, just like another little bot, and I'd absolutely love your ruminations on her from her point of view, whether it's pre-movie, within the movie, or post-movie - whatever you're most comfortable writing!

Request the Second - Chalk

If you've heard of this, seriously, you have my respect. It's beyond obscure, and was sorely underrated and misunderstood, but I adore it, if mostly for the brilliant actor that is David Bamber, especially in the second season. For all their squabbles, I adore Eric Slatt and his wife Janet, especially in light of the series finale. Anything humorous/poignant/a combination therein centered on them (or them and the unflappable Suzi Travis) would be tresured - especially from a hypothetical Season Three.

Request the Third - Sapphire and Steel

And the X-Files thinks it has UST! Sapphire and Steel simply smolder, and in this series, a brush of the hand is hotter than a romp in the sack. I haven't read much of how they first came to work together, and thus a fic set early in their partnership, along with the ever jovial Lead, would be a welcome gift Christmas morning. Silver isn't as vital, but if you can sneak him in, it would be a treat!

Request the Fourth - Copenhagen

Until 'War Horse' turned me, and half the audience, into a blubbering mess last fall, no play had affected me as much as Copenhagen. It's a lyrical rubic's cube of a play, and thus I can't imagine how tricky it is - anything in spirit with the plays wonderful blend of the play's metaphysical/historical/scientific bent would be sublime.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, Yuletide author!

*showers with cookies and eggnog and tamales*


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