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So, 52-odd episodes and hours later, I'm at last done with Blake's 7 - and even though I spoiled myself like mad, both accidentally and with intent, a good deal of my reactions still managed to surprise me. Thoughts, musings, and general summings up beneath the cut.

Thanks to [ profile] babel's interest, especially the fact that she plays an incredible Vila over on [ profile] wastedlands (where I play Cicero, surprise surprise), my curiosity was piqued as to this older series. At first, I thought it would be enough just to watch a few episodes, get a feel for the voices so as to interact with the characters better in the game. Needless to say, this did not happen, and I found myself on a very, very long and otherwise miserably overnight layover in Atlanta watching over five episodes of B7 in a go.

It's then you usually realize you're hooked.

My brain, which mocked a Fifth Doctor episode of the classic Who for a spaceship that looked suspiciously like a microphone, did not mind the high cheese factor except for S2E1 and those horrible, horrible outfits - the characters are just that damn good. My apologies if my brain is a bit fuzzy on S1 and S2, but the Liberator crew is just one big pile of <3. They all have such widely different motivations, both for remaining on Liberator and otherwise, and dynamics with each other, but it all works. Admittingly, I'm a big fan of snappy banter, and B7 is a marvelous fix - especially Vila or Avon and everyone else.

Everyone else being the wonderful characters with a shorter shelf life than organic milk. I admit, after Star Trek and Stargate, to watch a series that isn't afraid of killing off characters, no matter how much it hurts (aka Cally and Gan), and to wholeheartedly embrace pessimism - I couldn't have made it through S4 otherwise. I wish we could have seen Jenna make a return, and I admit, Tarrant was positively growing on me by the end - there's something almost Tobias Menzies about him! His 'act' in Gold made me giggle far more than it should - even though in S3 I just couldn't stand how he treated Vila, even if they had come to a curious truce in 'Headhunter,' even if it didn't last long. I admit, besides Vila, Dayna is probably my favorite character, although Cally would be a very, very close second. And not to leave out villains, I did so love Servalan and her increasingly Avon-esque wardrobe - and the ridiculous chemistry those two have. And we can't forget the brilliant and ever cranky Orac - nor the slew of Avon's exes that populate the galaxy.

Oh, Avon. It was almost heartbreaking to watch him the last season - from refusing to let Tarrant and Vila die in Headhunter to coming within a hair's breadth of killing Vila in Orbit, there's a shocking subtlety in his madness. And though I was already spoiled, the ending still hit me like a kick in the gut - and I was still holding out hope that it would come out otherwise.

That's what we have fic for, I suppose! My writing has been so lax as of late, I can't imagine when I would get to it, but I have a few ideas, niggling about in my brain. And because I know [ profile] babel and [ profile] vandonovan will ask, if I app a char, it would probably be Cally or Dayna. :)

And thus endeth my rambling, craptastic thoughts on a marvelous TV series!
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