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2017-05-29 09:44 pm

Sticky: WIP Progress

This post will not only keep me accountable ("Oh, I *was* working on that story!"), but will let any possible readers know what I have in the pipeline.

'Let Us Leave the Company of Men' - Octavia of the Julii/Tullia Ciceronis, AU. Currently in third draft.
'Phaedrus' - Brutus/Cicero. Putting my 'Plato: Love and Pleasure' course from undergrad to good use. Currently in rough outline.
'Rabbit Song/Untitled' - Brutus/Cicero AU. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sub Vino Sub Rosa' - Cicero/Antony. Currently in uncompleted first draft.
'Sons of Arpinum' - Cicero, Agrippa. Currently in rough outline.
'Conscript Fathers' - Cicero, Vorenus. Currently in uncompleted first draft.

Richard Jury
Finishing the 'Let Nothing You Dismay' story. Finally. Currently in rough draft.
'Untitled' - Melrose and Bea's wedding. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Honeymoon and a mystery in New Mexico. Currently in outline/rough draft.
'Untitled' - Return to London and the return of a figure from Melrose's past. Currently in outline/rough draft.

Cardcaptor Sakura
'Untitled" - Sakura and company visit England, and Nakuru has to save her fellow guardians - and the world. Currently in very rough outline.
'Untitled' - Nakuru meets a young man at University who isn't entirely what he seems. Currently in mental outline.
'Untitled' - Sakura faces a new enemy and an unimaginable loss. Currently in mental outline.
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2011-12-27 10:54 pm

(no subject)

Okay, today has been a mixed bag of a day, but watching Yo-Yo Ma being honored at the Kennedy Center just utterly warmed my heart - and made me like James Taylor a tiny bit. Was anyone else watching? Oh to be in that box with Meryl Streep and Yo-Yo Ma and the Obamas...
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2010-06-25 03:53 pm

Strung 'Round the Moon - Persuasion - PG

So, there's a comment fic (and non comment ficathon ) going on here to celebrate female fictional characters. My comment fic, not surprisingly, was a little bit longer. I think this may spark a flurry of Persuasion fic, as it is my favorite Austen novel, and it's so wonderfully naval! Even when I should be writing and reading about all things naval in a more academic way.

Title: Strung 'Round the Moon
Series: Persuasion
Rating: PG
Spoilers: For key plot points, yes, so if you haven't read the book/seen the movies, probably not a good thing to read, besides the fact it won't make any sense.
Characters: Anne, Wentworth, misc. cameos
Summary: The prompt was the following:
I am far away from where you lay
Awake the day while you fall to sleep
An ocean and a rock away

ETA: Weird formatting fixed! and i'll sail till i'm carried to you tonight )
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2010-05-25 11:05 am

Summer Writing Challenges?

So, I have a seminar paper to finish, but I'd really like to have something creative to do on breaks from that.  Do any of you know of any good summer writing challenges/prompts/comms/etc. going on now or soonish?  Nothing quite big bang-ish, but a little meatier than drabbles.  It's been ages since I've written something that wasn't a book review or response paper or research, and the right sight of my brain doesn't want the left side to have all the fun.  Thanks!
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2009-01-13 10:17 pm

Dear British Character Actors Named David...

...please stop breaking my heart with your brilliant acting. Seriously, I don't need any more love for the over-50 Davids, I have plenty as is.

*sniffs* 'Broken Bird,' episode 6.13 of NCIS, was absolutely brilliant, in other words - it's watchable online at, and features a wonderful turn from Torri Higginson, better known to everyone as Dr. Weir from SG:A.
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2009-01-01 02:27 pm
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Yuletide Reveal

Waiting for the posole we made for New Year's to settle in my stomach and for another reveal for a single-fandom holiday story exchange to reply to those comments, and so the requisite Yuletide reveal post, if somewhat late. In the meantime, happy 2009, and may it be infinitely better than 2008 for everyone, everywhere. A quiet changing of the year here - my mom and I had gone to a funeral for her cousin's husband, and so a rather somber end of year with some perilous driving on the way home, marked with a few Man from U.N.C.L.E. episodes and a small glass of wine, and a cacophony of gunshots and fireworks outside. A calming thought, at least, that they were fired in celebration and not in malice.

And so, my Yuletide offering for this year, Here as on a Darkling Plain, set six years after the end of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day. It's a rather introspective piece, from Guinevere's POV, and although it didn't garner many comments (although several of those comments were quite touching), I'm rather happy with it. My recipient, [ profile] cheapmetaphor, had asked for a tale rich with detail, which I think I managed, and something well-written, which I truly aimed for. Although this story did the same, statistic-wide, as my other Yuletide offerings, I think this story had more than an inkling of my voice, which I'd like to encourage to come out in future works more than it usually does. And a huge, huge, huge thank you to [ profile] otahyoni, who was my beta at the eleventh hour, and provided some much-needed trimming and guidance.
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2008-12-25 12:10 pm

Spreading the Yuletide Giftage

It's such a treat, after opening gifts and munching on the second batch of tamales, to see what everyone got for Yuletide! I received an absolutely wonderful story, "A Wall-E Christmas,", which only makes waiting for the reveal even worse, since I want to kindly, kindly plead with the author for more. It's such an adorable, sweet, and somewhat poignant follow-up to the film, so go and read amid all your ficcage and merriment. My recipient liked hers, which makes me absolutely tickled, and very relieved, and I'm sure many of you know the sensation! I still have one more gift in the wings, on [ profile] muncle's Down the Chimney challenge, though everyone else's gifts have been ridiculous fun to read - and since it's a much smaller pool, I shant say if my story's been posted or not! :)

Last night and this morning were very fun - more to come once we've cleaned up the flotsam and jetsam in the living room and started on the ham for dinner, and possibly see Valkyrie afterwards *fingers crossed*, but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
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2008-12-14 10:41 pm
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C'est Finis

Barring final comments and what's sure to be a scandalous defense, the thesis of doom, at 160 odd pages total, is DONE.


More to come when my brain comes back to me.
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2008-11-11 11:39 am

Dear Yuletide Author:

So, it's assignment day, and here, oh gracious Yuletide author, is my letter to you!

If you even know what 'Chalk' is without googling it, I salute you )
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2008-11-04 10:29 pm

The Parvenu from Illinois

A very late postscript to an absolutely incredible, indescribable day - my sister and I went out after voting and I found myself unconsciously crossing my fingers the entire time, wanting to glimpse a TV if only to see the first results come in. So coming home to news of victory in PA was cause for a cautious though entirely celebratory yelp - after Obama took Ohio I put a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill. Sadly, our news station cut to local results the moment Obama won - it cut back to the graphic with those vital words, "elected 44th President of the United States," and my mom and I gave each other bewildered smiles, folowed by whoops and cheers and hugs and more than a few tears. We watched McCain's concession (so very, very gracious - one of the best speeches of his campaign), and watched Obama's speech with that wine (saved for a happy occasion, and I can think of no finer) and a few more sniffles.

It's still hard to process - and with news on Prop 8 still out, my happiness really can't be totally, utterly complete - but watching history be made tonight, seeing the glimmer of hope in this darkness that's ours to grasp and to kindle and nourish, has made me so incredibly proud. Did we win this election? Yes, we did. Can we funnel that energy and spirit into the work of citizenship? Yes, we absolutely can.
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2008-07-11 12:28 am

Today in History

July 11, 1804

I feel I should have a glass of madeira tonight, or tomorrow, for the dear, and curl up with a copy of The Federalist Papers. Though speaking of, [ profile] ainsley, remember when I mentioned the Hamilton/Madison pr0n in the lab? I found it ("Publius," somewhat down the page). Though not to alarm anyone, it's positively harmless.
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2008-06-25 11:17 pm

"You are harsh, madam." "I am cold."

I am finally, finally watching "John Adams." And why aren't you?

*shoes off f-list to go buy or rent it*

McCullough's book hasn't made its way to my bedside, and so the tenor of the program, at least, is new - thus far, I'm halfway into episode two, aka when the Big Man from Virginia shows up in his pretty uniform and somehow gets promoted, and I'm rather impressed. Yes, there's glossing and fudging, but far less than your average American history class - the tarring and feathering is quite gruesome, and had me curled up on the sofa. Paul Giamatti does an excellent job portraying Adams' conflict over, well, the conflict, and Laura Linney as Abigail is just so much freaking win. You know, if we'd had her as our second President...

Sadly, Alexander Hamilton doesn't come in for another three episodes, which will have me squeeing nearly as much as seeing another conservative in antiquity on screen. But it's nice to have on in the background while editing, though just a bit too distracting. But in the best possible way!
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2008-06-23 09:50 pm
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(no subject)

Just passed the 4,000 word threshold on Chapter Three, although it's a sucktastic first draft - albeit one that sucks slightly less than the first drafts for previous chapters. And even though it's quick and dirty to write - I mean, it is academic smut after all - I've had a cold the past few days that make writing every sentence a rather painful experience. So tomorrow, cold or not, I may trek out to Panera, and see if I can bang out at least 500 more words, which shouldn't be too strenuous, especially not with their free refills on coffee - and will put me at just over fifteen pages. And after this, only two more chapters left, and then my intro and conclusion. It should seem like so little but sadly it doesn't - especially once I get a part-time job to go with the internship. If only I could zip back to London and find my incredible work ethic! But these 4,000 words have all come since Thursday, so I shouldn't be too disappointed in myself - yet.

Ugh, took a quick walk with my mom and now I is ded. Bed sounds even more appealing now...
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2008-06-19 11:33 pm

needs moar Cicero, pls

It's late and I'm wiped and need to head to bed soonish, but the Getty Villa today, and getting to meet [ profile] vandonovan = awesome, even if they only had ONE Cicero book in the gift shop, which was not a Loeb. Will post pictures soonish, for me, anyway - including a lovely new bronze Athene I picked up today. Now, if I start writing ridiculously long letters to friends begging them for statuary...

There may be some more exciting news on the horizon - watch this space!
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2008-06-03 09:36 pm
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"This is our moment"

Watching Obama's victory speech with my mom (who normally votes rather conservatively), we simply cannot wait for November. Listening to him all those years ago at the DNC we all had an inkling we were seeing a president in the making, but now that he's so much closer, it's rather exhilarating. I've been waiting for this speech all month, like so many others, and now that it's here it seems a damn good reason to celebrate - and to get to work for the fight to come.
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2008-05-12 06:59 pm

Road Trip: Day 1 - "So Long, Farewell..."

A bit of a quick entry - wonder of wonders, the Winston Salem bus depot is within walking distance of fabulous things, so I'm nibbling on good sandwiches (not out of a vending machine!), having what may be my last glass of sweet tea in a while, and charging my computer equipment. In half an hour, it's up to West Virginia, then Ohio, and at 2:55 tomorrow, finally, finally, into Indiana!

It's been an enjoyable drive - the Piedmont is just gorgeous and green, and I've listened through Chapter 2 of the unabridged Master and Commander, a gift from my wonderful godmother whom I'm seeing first on my trip of trips. I was an idiot and forgot my pillow, so we'll see just how well I can fall asleep with a balled up shirt as a headrest. :)

Take care, everyone, and to North Carolina and all the wonderful people in it, auf wiedersehen!
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2008-05-02 11:00 pm

'the world is just awesome'

That awesomeness, so wonderfully expressed in this video no i don't have cable so it's all shiny and new to me, does not extend to girly bits which insist upon being uncomfortable for entirely stupid reasons. Lame, girly bits, lame.

With the exception of three or so sentences to rewrite, and some photographs to check, the re-write of Chapter 1 is almost done, and thus the rapid decline in my motivation to do it! But tomorrow and Sunday are library/free AC I don't have to pay for days, so hopefully there will be closure on that front, just in time to, eeeek, pack! And once I do get the chapter approved, I need to treat myself to something - either Spaced or Black Books on DVD would be a lovely reward...

Speaking of Black Books, I so want to do some little Roman dolls in the style of the dolls from the 3rd Season - Caesar would be Bernard, Cicero would be Manny, and Antony would be Fran, and it would be brilliant, especially when they were all drunk.

Besides that, very little to report here - very little exciting, anyway. Hope all is well with everyone, and May (eeeek! How is it May already?) is off to a good start!
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2008-04-27 10:02 pm

'and a star to steer her by'

So, 52-odd episodes and hours later, I'm at last done with Blake's 7 - and even though I spoiled myself like mad, both accidentally and with intent, a good deal of my reactions still managed to surprise me. Thoughts, musings, and general summings up beneath the cut.

Massive spoilers for all of B7 )
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2008-03-27 12:05 pm

Here in Some Haphazard Fashion

Yes, I am alive, and here, and mostly well! Spring Break, while entirely too short, was wonderful - I got to see my family, including my little nephew, who is just the smartest thing ever, and help my sister deliver puppies the first night back! My mom, godmother and I went to a swank club in the Valley and drank overpriced drinks, and the next day we went to Venice Beach, where I smelled the most pot and incense since undergrad. And I was far more productive at home - again, my productivity has dropped once I got back to NC.

I hope everyone's fairing well out there, and I'm sorry if I was bad in commenting to entries! I've been trying to find a satisfactory draft of my thesis prospectus (currently on draft three), get the last ten pages of my first chapter re-written, and tweak a paper to present at Phi Alpha Theta regionals this weekend.

Oh, and not get sucked further into the utterly addictive world of LJ RP. Ahem.

The weather outside has turned utterly gorgeous - the sunlight feels warm and delicious on the skin, and there's a faintly floral breeze wafting in the air. It makes today a poor, poor day for going into the dank basement and printing out census returns, but we do what we must!
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2008-02-28 10:46 pm

And it's a culinary draw!

Occasional, I am a bit anal - it's not often, but it seems to happen during opportune times. Like tonight, when I decided "you know, I may want to give these honey cake recipes a test run...."

The first recipe - well, it made a honey cake. A honey pancake. It was very dense, with the texture of a sproingy bread pudding, but if you drizzled honey on a wedge and ate it, it was damn good. Yet not a honey cake!

So I sought out a recipe that had more ingredient volume and eggs. But when it came time to pour, the batter was no longer pourable, and had to be goaded into filling out my cake pan. The top wasn't flat, but looked rather like the surface of the moon. When it was done, however, and I 'tested' a piece, it was quite lovely! Texture much like a dense bread, sprinkled through with almonds, and a slightly sweet taste (the only sweeteners are four tsps of honey and a quarter cup of sweet wine). But once you drizzle it with honey - wow! Very tasty, but I disagree with Brutus. It could use a touch more cinnamon!

Recipe here, for those wishing to try their hand at it! If your dough is too floury, add milk until just moistened. For my wine, I used Madeira, which worked quite well.