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Bad, bad pun in the subject line, but I've just run across two squee-worthy bits of Ciceronia so I am quite pleased.

Google Video Player has "Murder in Rome," a 45 minute dramatization of the trial of Sextus Roscius, which made Cicero's reputation in his early career. The advocate himself is played by a handsome and utterly captivating Paul Rhys (they know how to grow men in Wales), and Sextus is played by Mark McGann. I've been trying to find this for a year or so and this just made my night, along with the next exiting bit of news!

The second part to Robert Harris' Cicero trilogy has a title and release date! Titan will come out sometime in October of this year, and based on the timeline (Cicero was just elected consul at the end of the first book, Imperium), it should hit the Catalinian conspiracy and possibly his exile. If you haven't read the first book, definitely give it a try!
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As I had a lot of work to finish today, of course, I decided it would be much more fun to Sim. I may not be progressing much in terms of, oh, practical work, or even the next chapter of my Rome/Philip Pullman fic, but I'm good on manipulating little people. Especially with the help of the ever wonderful aid, 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true.' So instead of trying to increase skills and keeping Roman nobles from making puddles on the floor, I could concentrate on important matters - like hooking some poor matrons up!

It's beginning to look a lot like HBO... )

Next, on Sim!Rome! )
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Remember when I said, oh, this summer, I bought Sims 2 as a reward for finishing my now obsolete prospectus?

Yeah, that wasn't such a good idea.

I spent a good portion of last night building a swank bachelor pad for Marc Antony, getting him and Atia on the path to romance, fixing up the home of the Tulli, and, well, seeing that Tulliola isn't an only child anymore.

The Julii don't respect the principle of the 'Family Kiss' )

I still need to make Caesar and Posca, Cassius, and probably Cleopatra once Tullia and Brutus (not shown) become adults and Octavia and Octavian become teenagers. And I'm debating recreating the Ciceros or at least trying to sneak Tiro into their household. And once the cast is assembled, to paraphrase Shakespeare, we'll let slip the dogs of love and war.
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Well, I have my essays to mark halfway sorted - I didn't have the mental energy to do anything else tonight. I managed to nap for two hours after coming home - pathetic, I know - and my brain was muzzy enough the rest of the night that managing to concentrate on skimming three pages of varying degrees of coherence at a time was just too much for me - but I figure I have all day tomorrow to mark the damn things.

I did, however, have enough energy to make dinner (whole wheat pasta and store bought sauce, nothing exciting but nothing too involved) and watch my Netflix DVDs. Much Ado About Nothing, the 1993 version with Kenneth Branagh, was sweet and charming, except for Keanu Reeves. I know, supposedly, the man can act in a few mythical roles, but this was not one of them. Kenneth and Emma Thompson, however, were adorable - I could eat them up with a tiny spoon.

The second move was The Lives of Others, and if you haven't seen it yet, rent it and rent it soon. It's a brilliant, poignant film about a Stasi agent in 1984 East Berlin and his increasing involvement in the life of a playwright he has under surveillance. I don't know quite when I've been so touched by a film - it's almost too much for words. I'm trying to give my cultural education a kickstart by renting films, like this one, that people really should see - any recommendations from the crowd?

Also, I'm trying to rent the Shakespeare plays I haven't read, to familiarize myself with the plots in preparation for the 2009 Jeopardy contestant tests. Because the 2008 tests absolutely kicked my ass, and thus no e-mail from Alex Trebek for me.
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I seriously doubt anything will come of this, but I'm taking the Jeopardy qualifying test tonight at 8:00 over the Internets, when I should be, oh, studying statistics! Maybe they'll ask a question about univariates.
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I think some of us are both! S, one of the history lab denziens, brought in especially delicious leftovers, namely, beef stew. I caught a faint whiff of wine and asked if he had added some to the broth - B, another of the lab rats, took a deeper sniff and identified the wine as a pinot noir. Truly, I am impressed an awed! But I am sure as hell getting some stew beef, veggies, spices, and a bottle of pinot noir myself and emulating his tasty dish - with a bowl of brown rice, it sounds so very yummy I wish I could have it now! I'm planning on making a weekly meal list - three main dishes with plans for leftovers or sandwiches (next week, hummus, veggies and feta on some fabulous bread I will seek out) for lunch, and a simple pasta toss or rice and black beans for any extra days.

If I was especially nautical I should toss in some banyan days - besides, a little occasional forays into vegetarianism never hurt anyone's wallet or waistline!

Speaking of food, our student group's fundraiser is going to be delicious but damn, why did our students have to pick some ridiculously decadent dishes to make - seafood chowder, crab cakes, scallops in bacon and, get this, leg of lamb stuffed with veal. I think unless I can find an amazing sale on rose veal, that ingredient will be out for ethical and financial reasons.

Next year, I swear, it'll be a historically accurate meal down to the salt beef, bland pease, and weevily biscuits.
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I really do need a cooking icon, but I can wait until the rewatching and screencapping of My Night With Reg provides a good one.

ETA: Ratatouille icons FTW!

Anyway, after the culinary successes of this week, I've decided to favor 'eating better' instead of stressing 'eating less.' I find myself eating less anyway, even when I'd like to polish off a delectable dish - it's learning to prolong that pleasure into welcome leftovers the next day. But I think with some creative shopping, and eating out much less (once a week during classes, once on the weekend since I do so desperately need to leave my apartment on occasion), I can manage. I can stock up on all sorts of whole wheat pastas, buy cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, have enough legumes to satisfy my cravings for them, have chicken and pork in the freezer for when I do feel like being a carnivore, buy vegetables and fruits often, always keep a lemon and a head of garlic on hand. For me, the thought of trying to drop pounds always comes with deprivation, but I think by taking the path of indulgence (small squares of 85% cocoa with a small glass of madeira!), I can maybe break this stubborn yo-yo pattern I've been on for four years now - and come up with a few fabulous dishes for friends, family, and myself in the meantime. So I may highlight my successes each week - and share any humorous failures!

Week of January 21 2008 )
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Title: "A Man's Character"
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Brutus/Cicero, if you squint through the spyglass
Words: 3491
Spoilers: Through 1.8 "Caesarion"
Summary: When Antony and his daemon do the unthinkable, Cicero's life depends upon Brutus' faltering courage. (AU, fusion between 'Rome' and 'His Dark Materials). For an introduction to daemons, click here.

Many thanks to my beta, [ profile] cerebel!

One would never discover the limits of a soul, even traversing every road - so deep a measure does it possess. - Heraclitus, Fragment 45 )
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[ profile] otahyoni, this is all your fault! Some kind soul has put up all of Spaced on YouTube and I just finished Season 1. Just when I think I have a favourite episode, I watch the one after it and suddenly I like that one best of all! Tim and Daisy are brilliantly funny and oh so very sweet together (Episode 1.7 made me just beam with happiness at the end of it, and that wasn't because of the exhibit of all white paintings, which completely made me think of The Stargazey!), and the rest of the cast is excellent, though I keep hoping for Dylan Moran!

So any fans of Simon Pegg, or geeky, witty television in general, go to YouTube and search for 'Spaced' - I know once I'm done I'm shelling out for the complete series and a region free player!
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And as proof, a link to the MST 3K Acadamy of Robot Choice Oscar Special. I just about died the first time this was on, and it's still brilliant, especially the Titanic segment.

Though the words "future President Al Gore" make me really, really - well, I won't get into the politics, but I'm fairly liberal, so that should give you a fair idea of my sentiments.
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Stolen from both [ profile] cerebel and [ profile] weirdfromafar!

Give me a character from any fandom you know I am into and I will tell you:
a. My favourite thing about that character.
b. My least favourite thing about that character.
c. One person I would ship them with in their own verse.
d. One crossover ship for them I think would be neat.

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Vote early, vote often, vote for, well, do you really need me to tell you? ;)

Though while I thoroughly approve of Tobias on there as William Elliot, Ciaran Hinds is still my Captain Wentworth. Rupert is just too young and much too pale - I mean, unless his surgeon was packing sunblock.

Thanks, [ profile] jhd91, for the link!
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Thanks to the wonders of Internet business and the quirks of naming conventions both for cities and people (namely, the orator/statesman/crankypants in the icon), I have been a little bundle of giggling glee on my couch. Some of these are just so deliciously wrong they have to be seen to be believed.

A shirt for Atticus..
Change 'dating' to 'marrying' and you have something for Terentia..
This made me giggle faaaaar too much - draw your own conjecture on this shirt!
For people who were a little overwrought watching Philippi...oh, wait...
They'd be lining up in Rome to buy this one..
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Ganked from [ profile] rachel_1975 - a good way to hone all those things you used to know in grade school!

This was actually quite handy for a top secret project! Definitely my most inane goal yet for 2008.
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Happy New Year, as nearly as belated as this is - hope you all had a wonderful night and celebrated in fine fashion - I babysat for my nephew last night, which was quiet but fun. We played hockey with a soccer ball, colored, ate peanut butter chocolate ice cream (mmmmmmm!), and then instead of working on my essays before bed, I played Guitar Hero III for a few hours. That game is ridiculously addictive!

This morning I watched the Tournament of Roses parade, which I hadn't done in years. My sister's HD big screen TV probably had a lot to do with that - you could see every single leaf and seed, honestly. Some beautiful and intricate floats, huge bands, and the return of the Sesame Street float, which always makes me smile, as an old-school Street fan (no Elmo for me, thanks). We went to my mom's friends for dinner and alas more football (though did anyone else catch the Winter Classic hockey game! Absolutely brilliant idea), but the turkey was yummy, and I made some good cranberry sauce with apples and pecans.

I think my resolution this year should read something like this - "try and drop at least one or two bad habits for good." The ones that make me wonder this time each year why I'm still doing them. But for this year, I think 'Drastic Fantastic' is my soundtrack - I was nodding along with most of the album on the flight home, but this lyric from 'Hopeless' caught my ear especially:

"Like a little spider, I'm climbing the insurmountable."

So good luck in 2008, fellow little spiders!
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Merry Christmas, to any and all, and I hope your holiday is wonderful, merry, and bright! May there be starlight in your stockings and many warm memories to be made under the tree.
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Can't remember if I did this one before, but it's always fun for another go round! If you aren't sure about my fandoms, just feel free to ask in a comment!

Name a character from one of any of my fandoms and I'll give you:
(a) three facts about them from personal canon/fanon,
(b) a reason he/she sucks,
(c) a reason she/he is awesomecakes,
(d) five things that never happened to that character or
(e) five people that character never loved and why.
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Why, oh why oh why, did I not discover the merits of getting to Kew well before the archives opened and enjoying a lovely (and huge!) fair trade/shade grown mocha and a nummy muffin in a cafe with free Internet? Bed is wonderful and warm, but so is getting out and getting to know this beautiful little bit of London more. So next week, when I start in on the British Library (in earnest) and Caird, no matter how cloudy/cold/dark it is, I should go out early, because in three weeks, I don't get to do this anymore. Well, not for a while. I have a not so secret plan to come back.

And is it truly pathetic I finally noticed the block of flats in back of the archives and instantly wished I could live there for a few years? Yes, yes it is.

Though I am just wondering how productive I can be today - not only for the whole "eeeegh, finish thesis research" panic, but to see if I can pop in Leicester Square on the way home to see all the hoopla for the Golden Compass premiere. After last weekend's fangirlism, I feel I should! But only if I'm good...
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Which sci-fi crew would you best fit in with? (pics)
created with
You scored as Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

You are a light and humorous person. No one can help but to smile to your wit. Now if only the improbability drive would stop turning you into weird stuff.

Moya (Farscape)


Heart of Gold (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Deep Space Nine (Star Trek)


Babylon 5 (Babylon 5)


Serenity (Firefly)


Enterprise D (Star Trek)


Nebuchadnezzar (The Matrix)


Galactica (Battlestar: Galactica)


Bebop (Cowboy Bebop)


Andromeda Ascendant (Andromeda)


Millennium Falcon (Star Wars)


SG-1 (Stargate)


FBI's X-Files Division (The X-Files)



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