May. 2nd, 2008

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That awesomeness, so wonderfully expressed in this video no i don't have cable so it's all shiny and new to me, does not extend to girly bits which insist upon being uncomfortable for entirely stupid reasons. Lame, girly bits, lame.

With the exception of three or so sentences to rewrite, and some photographs to check, the re-write of Chapter 1 is almost done, and thus the rapid decline in my motivation to do it! But tomorrow and Sunday are library/free AC I don't have to pay for days, so hopefully there will be closure on that front, just in time to, eeeek, pack! And once I do get the chapter approved, I need to treat myself to something - either Spaced or Black Books on DVD would be a lovely reward...

Speaking of Black Books, I so want to do some little Roman dolls in the style of the dolls from the 3rd Season - Caesar would be Bernard, Cicero would be Manny, and Antony would be Fran, and it would be brilliant, especially when they were all drunk.

Besides that, very little to report here - very little exciting, anyway. Hope all is well with everyone, and May (eeeek! How is it May already?) is off to a good start!


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