Jan. 28th, 2008

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I think some of us are both! S, one of the history lab denziens, brought in especially delicious leftovers, namely, beef stew. I caught a faint whiff of wine and asked if he had added some to the broth - B, another of the lab rats, took a deeper sniff and identified the wine as a pinot noir. Truly, I am impressed an awed! But I am sure as hell getting some stew beef, veggies, spices, and a bottle of pinot noir myself and emulating his tasty dish - with a bowl of brown rice, it sounds so very yummy I wish I could have it now! I'm planning on making a weekly meal list - three main dishes with plans for leftovers or sandwiches (next week, hummus, veggies and feta on some fabulous bread I will seek out) for lunch, and a simple pasta toss or rice and black beans for any extra days.

If I was especially nautical I should toss in some banyan days - besides, a little occasional forays into vegetarianism never hurt anyone's wallet or waistline!

Speaking of food, our student group's fundraiser is going to be delicious but damn, why did our students have to pick some ridiculously decadent dishes to make - seafood chowder, crab cakes, scallops in bacon and, get this, leg of lamb stuffed with veal. I think unless I can find an amazing sale on rose veal, that ingredient will be out for ethical and financial reasons.

Next year, I swear, it'll be a historically accurate meal down to the salt beef, bland pease, and weevily biscuits.


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