Jan. 24th, 2008

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I really do need a cooking icon, but I can wait until the rewatching and screencapping of My Night With Reg provides a good one.

ETA: Ratatouille icons FTW!

Anyway, after the culinary successes of this week, I've decided to favor 'eating better' instead of stressing 'eating less.' I find myself eating less anyway, even when I'd like to polish off a delectable dish - it's learning to prolong that pleasure into welcome leftovers the next day. But I think with some creative shopping, and eating out much less (once a week during classes, once on the weekend since I do so desperately need to leave my apartment on occasion), I can manage. I can stock up on all sorts of whole wheat pastas, buy cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, have enough legumes to satisfy my cravings for them, have chicken and pork in the freezer for when I do feel like being a carnivore, buy vegetables and fruits often, always keep a lemon and a head of garlic on hand. For me, the thought of trying to drop pounds always comes with deprivation, but I think by taking the path of indulgence (small squares of 85% cocoa with a small glass of madeira!), I can maybe break this stubborn yo-yo pattern I've been on for four years now - and come up with a few fabulous dishes for friends, family, and myself in the meantime. So I may highlight my successes each week - and share any humorous failures!

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