Jan. 1st, 2008

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Happy New Year, as nearly as belated as this is - hope you all had a wonderful night and celebrated in fine fashion - I babysat for my nephew last night, which was quiet but fun. We played hockey with a soccer ball, colored, ate peanut butter chocolate ice cream (mmmmmmm!), and then instead of working on my essays before bed, I played Guitar Hero III for a few hours. That game is ridiculously addictive!

This morning I watched the Tournament of Roses parade, which I hadn't done in years. My sister's HD big screen TV probably had a lot to do with that - you could see every single leaf and seed, honestly. Some beautiful and intricate floats, huge bands, and the return of the Sesame Street float, which always makes me smile, as an old-school Street fan (no Elmo for me, thanks). We went to my mom's friends for dinner and alas more football (though did anyone else catch the Winter Classic hockey game! Absolutely brilliant idea), but the turkey was yummy, and I made some good cranberry sauce with apples and pecans.

I think my resolution this year should read something like this - "try and drop at least one or two bad habits for good." The ones that make me wonder this time each year why I'm still doing them. But for this year, I think 'Drastic Fantastic' is my soundtrack - I was nodding along with most of the album on the flight home, but this lyric from 'Hopeless' caught my ear especially:

"Like a little spider, I'm climbing the insurmountable."

So good luck in 2008, fellow little spiders!


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