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Yes, I am alive, and here, and mostly well! Spring Break, while entirely too short, was wonderful - I got to see my family, including my little nephew, who is just the smartest thing ever, and help my sister deliver puppies the first night back! My mom, godmother and I went to a swank club in the Valley and drank overpriced drinks, and the next day we went to Venice Beach, where I smelled the most pot and incense since undergrad. And I was far more productive at home - again, my productivity has dropped once I got back to NC.

I hope everyone's fairing well out there, and I'm sorry if I was bad in commenting to entries! I've been trying to find a satisfactory draft of my thesis prospectus (currently on draft three), get the last ten pages of my first chapter re-written, and tweak a paper to present at Phi Alpha Theta regionals this weekend.

Oh, and not get sucked further into the utterly addictive world of LJ RP. Ahem.

The weather outside has turned utterly gorgeous - the sunlight feels warm and delicious on the skin, and there's a faintly floral breeze wafting in the air. It makes today a poor, poor day for going into the dank basement and printing out census returns, but we do what we must!
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