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Occasional, I am a bit anal - it's not often, but it seems to happen during opportune times. Like tonight, when I decided "you know, I may want to give these honey cake recipes a test run...."

The first recipe - well, it made a honey cake. A honey pancake. It was very dense, with the texture of a sproingy bread pudding, but if you drizzled honey on a wedge and ate it, it was damn good. Yet not a honey cake!

So I sought out a recipe that had more ingredient volume and eggs. But when it came time to pour, the batter was no longer pourable, and had to be goaded into filling out my cake pan. The top wasn't flat, but looked rather like the surface of the moon. When it was done, however, and I 'tested' a piece, it was quite lovely! Texture much like a dense bread, sprinkled through with almonds, and a slightly sweet taste (the only sweeteners are four tsps of honey and a quarter cup of sweet wine). But once you drizzle it with honey - wow! Very tasty, but I disagree with Brutus. It could use a touch more cinnamon!

Recipe here, for those wishing to try their hand at it! If your dough is too floury, add milk until just moistened. For my wine, I used Madeira, which worked quite well.
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